Derek Morphew


Derek Morphew (PhD.) is currently serving as a theological consultant for the Vineyard Movement and is involved in numerous writing projects.

His career has gone through three stages, first as pastor and church planter, then as coach and overseer to pastors and churches, and then as a developer of educational systems.

He was the primary developer of Vineyard Bible Institute, has been the formative influence in Vineyard International Publishing, and after working for Vineyard Leadership Institute for a brief spell was responsible for the academic development of Vineyard Institute. He now works as a theological consultant to Vineyard leaders internationally. He has published thirteen works and has written numerous unpublished manuscripts for educational and training purposes.


Derek Morphew was educated at Michaelhouse High School in Natal, South Africa, where he was converted to Christ through the ministry of Michael Cassidy, a well-known South African Evangelist. He then did his theological training at Rhodes University, where he majored in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology (BA cum laude), after which he obtained his Ph.D. in the field of New Testament Studies at the University of Cape Town.


Derek is married to Karin and they have 2 children. Derek and Karin currently reside in Cape Town.

Derek Morphew's Courses

Demonstrating the Kingdom
Paul & Transformation
Jesus & Apprenticeship in the Gospels