Costa Mitchell


Costa's experience in the study of leadership through The University of South Africa (B.Th. Hons.) and Missional Leadership at Stellenbosch University (M.Th.) has gone hand in hand with 17 years in business and sales consulting as well as 45 years in church leadership to produce the concepts he lives by and teachers.

Costa has been involved in ministry for 45 years. For 21 of those years, he was the National Director of The Association of Vineyard Churches South Africa. Having retired from this role in 2018, he now devotes his time to leadership coaching, specializing in the development and growth of leaders wherever and whatever they lead, whether church, business, board, team, department, or family.


Costa Mitchell (B.A.; B.Th. Hons; M.Th.) has an extensive background in church leadership as well as business consulting. The interface between these two has contributed in large part to his understanding of how leadership works and of the essential character traits that will make it meaningful in the 21st century.


Costa is married to Lorraine and they have 4 children. Costa and Lorraine currently reside in Cape Town.

Costa Mitchell's Courses

Demonstrating the Kingdom
Paul & Transformation
Jesus & Apprenticeship in the Gospels