Frequently Asked Questions.

SOLT has 4 terms in a year. You may apply to study at any point in the year and you will be able to commence with your studies at the beginning of any new Term provided there is space for you.

Please note that having the required book/s at hand before a course begins is essential. Therefore, if you prefer a Paperback, order it at least three weeks before the Term begins.

Applications close 2 WEEKS prior to a Terms commencement. However, note that space is limited meaning that you might be placed on a waiting list!

  1. Go to www.solt.co.za/apply
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. You will receive the outcome of your application via email.
  4. If accepted you will receive a link in the email which will take you to our secure Payfast page where you can complete your payment.
  5. After completing your payment you will receive your login details via email.
  6. Go to https://learn.solt.co.za/account-overview to login.
  7. Once logged in, you can view your courses.
  8. Welcome to the School of Leadership and Theology.

All payments are made online. We run a monthly, quarterly or annual based subscription system for your convenience. When you register to study one of our programmes, all you need to do is pay online with your card and you are ready to begin.

Yes! See the table below. Each book is available in paperback and electronic format (Kindle). We strongly recommend that you purchase books in Kindle format as they are usually cheaper, and you receive them immediately (you avoid postal service fees and delays). The free Kindle Application can be downloaded to most electronic devices and Smartphones. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you purchase any paperback copies of books at least THREE WEEKS in advance of a course commencing to ensure that you receive them on time.

CourseRequired Textbook
Biblical OverviewBartholomew, Craig, and Michael Goheen. The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story. 2nd ed. 2014 Publishers include: 1. SPCK (cheaper) OR 2. Baker Academic
Theology of the KingdomMorphew, Derek. Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom. 5th Edition. Vineyard International Publishing, 2019.
Jesus & Apprenticeship in the GospelsVenter, Alexander. Doing Spirituality: The Journey of Character Formation Towards Christlikeness. Vineyard International Publishing. 2019.
Paul & Transformation in the EpistlesVenter, Alexander. Doing Spirituality: The Journey of Character Formation Towards Christlikeness. Vineyard International Publishing. 2019.
Demonstrating the KingdomMorphew, Derek. Demonstrating the Kingdom. Vineyard International Publishing. 2019.
Biblical LeadershipMitchell, Costa. Giving Leadership: Taking others with you on a journey to destiny. Vineyard International Publishing. 2017.
The Historical JesusGetting to Know the Real Jesus” by Alexander Venter. Kingdom Treasures. 2022
Biblical InterpretationMorphew, Derek. Interpretation 101: Historic Rules for Reading the Bible. Vineyard International Publishing. 2012.
Fee, D., Gordon & Stuart, Douglas. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. 2Ed. Zondervan Publishing. 2003. Provided by SOLT as a PDF.

It is difficult to predict this because everyone is different. There are also two levels at which you can study: Ministry OR Academic. As a rough guideline, plan to spend 8 hours per week studying at the Ministry Level and 12 hours per week studying at the Academic Level.

All courses will contain two multiple-choice assessments and an assignment. The assignment will be tailored to suit the subject matter. For example, a theoretical course like the Theology of the Kingdom will contain an Essay (Academic Level) and Reflection (Ministry Level), whereas a more practical course like Biblical Interpretation will involve you in exegeting (interpreting) biblical texts.

SOLT serves as the formal training arm for Vineyard South Africa.

SOLT and Trinity Bible College & Graduate School have an articulation agreement whereby SOLT Advanced Theology & Leadership (Academic Level) students can enter Trinity’s Master’s Degree programme with scholarship options and transfer credit upon graduation.

SOLT also partners with the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) and Tabor College in Australia to open doors for SOLT students into a variety of Degree level programmes with recognition of prior learning.

SOLT partners with Re-Forma to ensure that our Advanced Leadership (Ministry Level) students receive certification for what they have studied through SOLT, Vineyard South Africa and the World Evangelical Alliance. Re-Forma awards the aforementioned students a certificate of global recognition, underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance.

Contact us for more information. quinton@solt.co.za.

SOLT’s desire is to try and accommodate students who might not have English as their first language. To do this, all of the courses are offered at Academic and Ministry levels. The former level will include course assessments such as essays, which require Grade 12 English levels of proficiency. The latter level will include multiple-choice assessments and assignments that are suitable for students who have a grade 10 English level of proficiency.

Each course consists of the following components:

  • Video and Audio lecture content delivered by the subject matter expert
  • Regular discussion/interaction/reflection and mentoring sessions with a professor focussing on the material and the application thereof
  • Course appropriate assessments
  • Two Zoom meetings per course with a lecturer for additional teaching, discussion, reflection and application purposes.

Theology & Leadership TL101 is 12 months in duration and consists of 4 Terms. The Advanced Leadership & Theology Programme ATL202 consists of an additional 12 months of training completed over 4 Terms.

All applicants must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • have the appropriate level of English proficiency (see Academic and Ministry levels of study)
  • submit appropriate references
  • be part of a local church

Students are required to:

  • fulfill all of the course assessments.
  • pass each course with a minimum average of 55%.
  • attend a minimum of 85% of the discussion/mentoring sessions.
  • pay their fees in full.

Each Term is 10 weeks in duration and one course is offerred in each.

SOLT does not offer an option for receiving prior learning credit.

All courses are taught in English and all the instructional material is written in English. Please note though that students who are not first-language English speakers are graded in a fair manner and given the opportunity to learn at either the Academic or Ministry levels of study.

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